The aim of the Advisory Council on Latin American and Iberian Information Resources (ACLAIIR) is to advance knowledge in its two fields of interest, Latin America and Iberia, in particular by acting as a focus for Latin American and Iberian studies in libraries of all kinds.

ACLAIIR provides information on libraries’ holdings in the Council’s fields of interest, and acts as a forum for discussion between librarians and users of Latin American and Iberian materials. The Council also examines possibilities of cooperation between libraries and individuals or bodies concerned with such materials.

ACLAIIR collaborates with other Latin American and Iberian interest groups as well as library groups interested in information provision in other areas. Membership is open to any person or body having an interest in the aims of the Council. The annual subscription is currently £20. ACLAIIR welcomes new members and hopes that you will consider joining us. To join ACLAIIR, please complete a membership form..